Hmm, this blog has been quite dead for some time, so here I am with an update!

It’s been almost 2 years since I got my cochlear implant now.

It’s been a wonderful journey.

I still am very happy with the decision I made: I prefer the sound of my cochlear implant over the dull sound I got with my hearing aids. If only I had known sooner. 🙂

I’m not suddenly a hearing person, I have never picked up a telephone yet and I don’t feel the need to either. I don’t listen at people when I can’t see their mouth, but I don’t even try either. I’ve been so used to not hearing anything useful that my brain has been conditioned to just not put too many effort into hearing.

The audiology sessions however used to go incredibly well, if the environment was completely quiet. I could understand a lot of simple sentences, quite a lot of words, and I could retell tiny stories without having to lipread, IF the person telling them would speak slowly and repeat the sentences I couldn’t understand.

I exercised a lot outside of the audiology sessions too, at home with my grandma. She has been incredibly helpful and I have made heaps of progress.

After a little under a year, though, I got terribly bored of the audiology sessions. I found a job and I am settled and all, and I never felt like I really needed my cochlear implant to be able to communicate. I have always managed to scrape by without. I stopped exercising and I haven’t made any real progress since.

Sometimes, when I talk to people in a quiet environment, I manage to hear parts of what they are saying without a clear view of the lips.

I’ve been neglecting wearing my hearing aid in the other ear since my implant is much better, but lately I’ve been trying to wear my aid again. One weird downside from having neglected that ear and now suddenly wearing hearing aids there, is that I got some episodes of tinnitus after having worn my hearing aid all day.

I never had tinnitus before, I expected it to be a certain way, a continuous ‘tone’ that screeches in your head, but it totally wasn’t like that. I just heard some… music. Soft and calming long tones that play a slow, pretty melody. I only heard it when I wasn’t wearing my cochlear implant, when I put on the cochlear implant I wouldn’t hear it anymore, while wearing my hearing aid didn’t make it disappear.

It was really weird. Now that I’ve gone back to wearing my hearing aids everyday alongside my implant, these tinnitus episodes have disappeared though.

Oh, and music. I love listening to music with my cochlear implant. The sounds are much more crisp, much more clear. I love to listen to music in my car and sing/sign along. I already loved doing that before I got my CI, but now I love it even more.

Med-EL also came out with rechargeable batteries for the SONNET. I ordered three big ones, but I swapped back to the non-rechargeable ones, as the rechargeable ones don’t last me an entire day. I can go for 3-4 days with the disposable batteries so I prefer those.

Nowadays, I wear my cochlear implant pretty much everyday, I tend to leave it out sometimes in the weekends or during holidays when I’m not leaving the house that day, but whenever I go outside I do have my cochlear implant.

Oh, and I recently got a job. I currently work as an on-site IT support engineer for public schools. It’s an amazing job and I love it.

That’s pretty much all I can think about for this update.

Thank you for sticking with me, fellow readers!