Well, today was the big day: I got activated.

The activation was planned for 10:30 am. I woke up at 7 am and couldn’t get back to sleep, so at 7:30 am I decided to buy me some croissants and then visit my brother. I ended up thinking the croissants were too expensive and just bought me some bread instead.

After talking a bit with my mom and my brother, I decided to leave for the hospital. I forgot my patient card so I had to make a new one real quick, then I hurried towards my assignment. I didn’t have to wait for very long before my audiologist came to see me. It was the same audiologist who did my balance test who would map my implant.

First, they did an impedance test on the implant, the values were raised a bit since the operation but that was entirely normal according to the audiologist.

Then we continued on to programming the electrodes. The middle tone came first, then the higher tones with 2 electrode intervals and then the lower tones, also with 2 electrode intervals. After that the tones in between were filled in.

At first I didn’t hear anything, but I could sense something… touching my nerve. That was a really weird sensation, and it didn’t feel like hearing something at all. The minimum threshold was set whenever I felt a sensation, and the maximum threshold was when the sensation became a bit overwhelming. It was quite a weird experience.

After that, I got switched on. I didn’t really hear anything, but I could sense things. I could sense the papers moving, knocking, clattering, the audiologist moving, the unpacking of the boxes (There are a LOT of boxes with the Sonnet… And such a big bag for such a small processor. I’ll post pics later.)

The audiologist told me not to wear my hearing aid for a month. I asked if I could wear my aid for my job interview later that day (2:30 pm. They hired me, by the way. Yay!) and she laughed and told me they’d make an exception for that.

After the job interview, I went home. I arrived home at around 2:50 pm and it was when I felt the neighbour’s dog barking that I started to realize the connection with the sensations and sound.

The rest of the day was rather uneventful, I downloaded an app on my phone to exercise the Ling sounds, trying to distinguish them. My boyfriend also helped me by doing some of the Ling sounds and me having to guess them.

The pictures and the video will follow later (I promise!), I’m too lazy to upload them now but I will certainly post them later.

Stay tuned!