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I went to the 1-week post-surgery appointment last Wednesday.

The surgeon took off the band-aid and removed the stitches from behind my ear. I could wash my hair that evening but was advised not to let any water enter my ear canal for at least another 2 weeks. The incision is very nicely done. I will post a picture of the incision area later, didn’t get the opportunity to take one yet.

I got implanted with the FLEX28 electrode and the Synchrony pin system according to the surgeon. I also asked if I could get a copy of the CT scan home with me next time.

I don’t have any side effects and I really feel amazing. No pain (just a little uncomfortable if I sleep on the implant side), no dizziness, nothing. My spit is still slightly blood-tinged if I draw back my nose though.

The first fitting will happen on August 25th! Looking forward to it!