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I had my surgery last Tuesday, the 14th of July.

Surgery day

I had to be at the hospital at 8:30 in the morning, sober. I was put into a room with 2 other people, the 4th bed in that room remained empty. At 10:15 I went to the pre-surgery room for a last talk with the surgeon and at around 11:15 they gave me extra oxygen and then the intravenous meds knocked me out.

At 2:45 PM, 3 and a half hours later, I woke up in the recovery room. I had a giant bandage around my head and was feeling very hungry, but I didn’t have any pain. One hour later, at 3:45, they rolled me back to my room and I had visitors for the rest of the day. I could walk just fine, feeling really good, I wasn’t dizzy, nauseaus or anything, just very annoyed by the bandages around my head as it felt like my ear was folded over and then taped to my head under these bandages.

Picture of Pilla with a bandaged hed after surgery

Yay, I got implanted! Look at these lovely bandages.

Something I was really annoyed by, though, was the fact that I wasn’t allowed to eat anything after surgery. They explained that if you eat too quickly after surgery, you’ll throw up. At 7 o’clock in the evening, they finally brought me some food. I didn’t eat a lot since I was a bit scared to get nauseaus, but I was really happy that I got some food. One hour after eating, my stomach became slightly upset and it remained like that through the night. I was so glad I didn’t eat a lot despite being so hungry.

That night in the hospital was horrible. I couldn’t sleep with the bandages at all, and every hour a nurse came in with a small spotlight, either to change my IV meds or to check up on the other 2 people in the room. I’m quite sensitive to changes in light while sleeping, so anytime a nurse entered I woke up.

The next day

I woke up at around 5 AM (I didn’t sleep any more than 2 consecutive hours that night), hoping for the bandage to be taken off quickly. At around 8 o’clock they put me in a wheelchair and rolled me to the audiology department, where the surgeon told me the operation went smoothly. They took off the bandages and put a band aid over my scar. They also gave me an appointment for Wednesday the 22th for a check-up, where they’ll take off the band aid. After that, I got rolled back to my room and ate some breakfast. After finishing breakfast and becoming slightly nauseaus again, I had to walk to the CT department to have a CT scan taken of my head. After that I went back to my room all alone, almost getting lost in the hospital. Once I got back to my room, they ripped out the IV meds and told me I was free to go home. I ended up going back home at around 11 AM.

The next few days

I didn’t go straight home, since my grandmother wanted to take care of me for a few more days before allowing me to go home. I haven’t had any vertigo attacks, no taste disturbances, no tinnitus, globally I’m feeling really great. The nausea disappeared after the third day. I have never been in pain, haven’t taken any pain relievers since coming home either. My ear feels slightly full, and it’s still a bit weird to move around my head. My scalp has been itching a lot though, especially at the implanted side. Another fun thing is that if I’m yawning and then make some noise, I can actually hear some of the noise through the fluid-filled middle ear. Pretty cool.

I’m still spitting up a bit of bloody discharge on the 6th day, but every day I’m noticing less blood, so I think it’s healing pretty nicely.

Now, on to Tuesday. Once the band aid is gone, I’ll try to post a picture of the scar itself.